"Grandmother rockstar beadwork" print CHIFFON DUSTER

"Grandmother rockstar beadwork" print CHIFFON DUSTER

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Black mid length duster in printed french michif floral beadwork design by Christine. This is part of the NEW Summer 2023 GRANDMOTHER ROCKSTAR COLLECTION! 

Chiffon fabric and bamboo tie make duster comfy and easy-to-wear 

92% polyester/8% spandex

Machine or hand wash in cold water, Tumble dry on regular or hang to dry.


Available in 3 SIZES 

S/M - Fits bust up to 37" with extra room, back neck to bottom hem is 39"

M/L - Fits bust 37" +, back neck to bottom hem is 41"

XL/2XL - Fits bust 39" - 49", back neck to bottom hem is 42"

Vibrant print will not fade even with repeated wear and washing

Printed using water based sublimation inks by factory with Zurich-based International Oeko-Tex Association's Eco Passport certification for sustainable textile chemicals

SUMMER 2023 Prêt-à-Porter Collection

Release date: May 5th, 2023, St Louis, Saskatchewan, Canada

A collection based in the culture and French Métis heritage. The prêt-à-porter - ready to wear collection is comprised of easy wearing pieces that are so versatile.

“This collection was inspired by my French and Michif culture and community, this collection particularly reflected upon grandmothers.  Grandmother, Gramma, Maymair, Mémère; when I speak about grandmothers, the term in michif culture may not only be referring to the grandmother with biological grandchildren, although that is a significant and most important role, it is also a more encompassing, ever affectionate name. It may be someone that does not have grandchildren of her own, she may have nieces, nephews, siblings, or friend’s children or be caregivers of people in the community.

For this collection, I reflected on photos of Métis beadwork of the late 1800s and this sparked the inspiration for many colours of the pieces that I beaded to create the beadwork fabrics. Often historical beadwork pieces are referred to as Grandmothers. They carry part of us in them.

As I hand bead the Beadwork florals, I think about my own grandmothers, and their influence on me. I think about all the other women in my life that encourage me. In these designs I hope you will see elements of my Métis and French culture, and an honouring of all grandmothers”.

Christine Tournier

St Louis, Saskatchewan, Canada