Christine Tournier Tienkamp artisan entrepreneur designer in SS River Designs black beadwork printed neck tie scarf


The Designer 

I am Christine Tournier, artisan and Canadian Fashion Designer, the creator behind SS River Designs.

I specialize in unique fabrics and textiles printed with my own artwork, making every collection truly unique.

I strive for my designs to take you on a journey through art, culture and my Metis and French heritage.

I am inspired by the brands namesake, the South Saskatchewan River where I live in St. Louis, Saskatchewan, Canada.  My community is rich in michif and french cultures and heritage, and a connection to land. 

I learned to bead from my mom when I was very young.  I've also had many aunties, relatives, and mentors who've added to my learning along the way and inspired me in creating my own pieces of traditional artwork and beading.

The Brand

SS River Designs strives to build an ethical, sustainable and community minded business. The vision for the brand is having strong ties to community, striving to think in holistic ways, knowing that all people are connected and creating space for social entrepreneurship. 

The SS River Designs signature collections focus on garment construction as a sense of community, reflecting on ethical, reciprocal methods of production.  Designed with hints of heritage and culture from the local community.