Our Story

Christine Tournier Tienkamp artisan entrepreneur designer in SS River Designs black beadwork printed neck tie scarf


I am Christine Tournier, artisan, entrepreneur and Canadian designer.

I love print, beadwork, and all things colour!  I incorporate elements and inspiration from the land where I live along the river in St Louis, Saskatchewan, Canada. I have my beadwork printed onto fabric, and look for unique local items such as deer shed antler buttons, and incorporate these design elements into modern silhouettes. 

I started my business, SS River Designs as a way to share my art and connect people with culture, art and fashion. SS River is named after the South Saskatchewan River, a reflection of my French Michif communities’ connection to the land and where I take inspiration.

I am striving to build a fashion brand that allows the customer to celebrate their own uniqueness, beauty and spirit.  I want to ensure our sizes, fit and unique prints help you celebrate and share your unique spirit!  

I strive to build an ethical, sustainable and community minded business. I see my brand as having strong ties to community, working to think in holistic ways, knowing that all people are connected and creating space for social entrepreneurship. 

My art-to-wear collection uses innovative printing technology to celebrate and share beadwork and artwork designs.

The upcoming SS River Designs new signature collection line will view garment construction as a sense of community, reflecting on ethical, reciprocal methods of production.

Your purchase will support seamstresses and other creatives in my community!