Fashion Workshop

Cultural Fashion Sewing Workshops - Youth

Wednesdays 630pm - 800pm 

River Road Centre, 545 Riverside Drive, St Louis SK

Instructor:  Christine Tienkamp, SS River Designs


Ages 12+

Class Fee: $240 for 6 weeks of class with each class lasting 1.5hrs.

Materials Fee: $20 for beading supplies and $50 for ribbon skirt OR bring your own supplies

Tools: SS River Designs shall provide necessary tools to complete the projects

Thank you for your interest in the Cultural Fashion Sewing Workshops for Youth.

This fun beginner cultural sewing program will enable you to explore your creativity, learn about Metis ribbon skirts and Metis beading.  At the end of the camp you will have sewn your very own Metis ribbon skirt, hair scrunchie and Metis beaded earrings!

In this 6 week-long beginner sewing program, you will learn all about sewing machine operation and safety, hand sewing, cutting a basic ribbon skirt, hand beading – everything you need to get started with cultural sewing!

Each project may be completely customized by you.

Your confidence will grow as you improve your sewing skills and create your own unique pieces.

This program is for youth with no experience, or with experience who want to learn more.

Youth are welcome to bring a snack and water bottle (with lid/spill-proof if possible)  *NO NUTS PLEASE*

Class Size: Classes are intentionally kept small to allow for individual attention and learning from fellow classmates as well as the instructor.

Materials: You have the option to pay the material fee for the beading and the ribbon skirt projects or else you can bring you own. There will be 2-3 choices of fabric prints to choose from and several colours of ribbons and lace to choose from for the skirt.  For beading you will be provided with the beading foundation, thread and choice of several colours of beads.

If you prefer to bring your own supplies, please bring the following:

      Ribbon Skirt Supplies                                                 

  • 2-3 metres of cotton fabric 
  • 1 pkg 1.25” elastic 
  • 2-3 colours 1.5” ribbon                         
  • Thread to match the fabric 

      Beading Supplies

  • 1  8x10 piece of beading foundation
  • Beading thread
  • Beading needles
  • Size 10 seed beads (2-5 colours)     

Refund Policy: No refunds for no shows or cancellations within 7 days of camp commencement. Cancellations will incur a $25 charge. 

Conduct Policy: It is our policy that students behave in a way that demonstrates self-control, responsibility, respect, and age-appropriate maturity. Horseplay, dangerous behavior, using materials in an irresponsible manner, etc., is ABSOLUTELY not allowed and any student conducting him or herself in a manner deemed dangerous will be held accountable and a parent will be contacted immediately.

Option 1:

Cultural Sewing Day Camp – Youth

Fee and Supplies

○  $240

○  $20 Beading Supplies

○  $50 Ribbon Skirt Supplies


 Option 2:

Cultural Sewing Day Camp – Youth

Fee and will bring own beading Supplies


 Option 3:


 Option 4:

Cultural Sewing Day Camp – Youth

Fee and will bring own Ribbon Skirt and Beading Supplies




The Designer 

I am Christine Tournier, artisan and Canadian Fashion Designer, the creator behind SS River Designs.

I specialize in unique fabrics and textiles printed with my own artwork, making every collection truly unique.

Christine Tournier Tienkamp artisan entrepreneur designer in SS River Designs black beadwork printed neck tie scarf

 I strive for my designs to take you on a journey through art, culture and my Metis and French heritage.

I am inspired by the brands namesake, the South Saskatchewan River where I live in St. Louis, Saskatchewan, Canada.  My community is rich in michif and french cultures and heritage, and a connection to land. 

I learned to bead from my mom when I was very young.  I've also had many aunties, relatives, and mentors who've added to my learning along the way and inspired me in creating my own pieces of traditional artwork and beading.

The Brand

SS River Designs strives to build an ethical, sustainable and community minded business. The vision for the brand is having strong ties to community, striving to think in holistic ways, knowing that all people are connected and creating space for social entrepreneurship. 

The SS River Designs signature collections focus on garment construction as a sense of community, reflecting on ethical, reciprocal methods of production.  Designed with hints of heritage and culture from the local community.