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Inspired by the Grandmothers, the historical indigenous Métis beadwork pieces, that are being brought home, on the journey back to Turle Island, back to the Métis Homeland where Christine lives. The long way home has been emotional, there’s tears of sadness, tears of joy. Somehow Métis people always rest on joy and laughter. “I thought about how Grandmothers, both the women and the beadwork.. maybe should be on tour; they are really like rockstars!!! lol. Well really, they are kind of living the rockstar life already, living life to the fullest.  That’s been their teaching, through all the joy, pain, tragedy, and triumphs of life...they always come out strong. For me, I feel like they paved the way for women to stand up and say, “hell yes, I’ll do that.  The grandmothers should be celebrated… they are the stars in our lives!  So I took the colours and lines from historical beadwork and incorporated a rock glam vibe, using elements like gold chains, biker jacket details to design a modern feeling, fun and celebratory collection.”.

Luxury pieces designed, cut and sewn in-house. These luxury pieces are true works of art to add to your collection. You will enjoy these pieces for years to come.

Completely designed, Hand sewn in Studio using custom beadwork printed fabrics like silk twill, cottons and more

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