Developing your own personal style is one of the best things you can do for sustainability!

ModeI bet you are already practicing sustainability and you don't even know it!  One of the amazing things I keep learning about the SS River Designs customer is they really know how to celebrate their own unique style!!! Time and time again our customers tell us they are looking for unique items that can fit into their existing wardrobe, pieces they love....and Guess what?!...

Developing your own personal style is one of the best things you can do for sustainability!  Developing your own style means you..

- Plan new item purchases ahead of time, sort of like building your own unique capsule wardrobe so purchases are often well thought out

- Purchase quality items whether that is a custom, high end item or an item found thrifting

- Know the value of custom garments, and are prepared to repair, reuse, or pass on items

- Purchase garments that you really love and are an expression of who you are

- Love supporting Local artisans and fashion designers and you become a story-teller of the designer, because you are someone that loves to lift others up!

When you buy quality items you love, you inherently consume less, and therefore support sustainable fashion!!!

Model in photo wearing SS River Designs wrap skirt with sustainable deer shed button detail in sustainable linen, vintage creme chiffon top, SS River Designs birchbark beadwork printed obi style belt, SS River Designs one-of-a-kind teal wool jacket from prior season.