Canadian Designer creates custom Beadwork for Hollywood Celebrity

Christine Tournier, creator of SS River Designs, was honoured when a friend asked her to create a custom piece that would be gifted to Jason Mamoa, the Hollywood actor known for his roles in Game of Thrones and Aquaman.

“I was so thrilled when my friend’s husband was chosen to appear in an episode of “See” Christine says,” then when they asked me to create a piece of beadwork that would be gifted to Jason Mamoa I was so humbled they honoured me with this. My friends had specific things they wanted in the beadwork that would give the beadwork meaning, I really wanted it to be special”.

See; a television series set in the far future, where humankind has lost its sense of sight; the father of twins who are born with the mythic ability to see must protect his tribe against a threatened queen stars Jason Mamoa.  The creators of See posted on social media that the televison production was seeking actors who are blind or partially sighted to portray characters in the Apple TV+ Series.

 “My friend told me about the post when it came out and knew her husband would be perfect for a role” Christine explains “It was a long process for them but the stars aligned and they were able to travel to Toronto for filming.”

Christine was told the actor graciously accepted the gift and was happy to have some photos taken with the couple.

 “I really think it says something about the spirit of this production, when they not only gave opportunities to talented Canadian actors who are partially sighted or blind to be a part of the project, but it is my understanding that a blindness consultant was involved with everything from working with Jason Momoa to making sure blind and low-vision actors were accommodated on set” Christine expressed.

Christine is from St. Louis, Saskatchewan, Canada and the owner of SS River Designs, a women’s wear clothing line, she creates original Métis beadwork fabrics which are incorporated into her garments, inspired by her French and Metis background.  She aspires to connect people to art, culture and heritage through fashion.